Dapper Labs On The Rise With NFTS

Dapper Labs On The Rise With NFTS


The value of dapper Labs, the creator of the CryptoKitties game, has increased with demand for unique tokens (NFT). Just weeks after raising funds at a $ 2.6 billion valuation, according to the information, Dapper Labs, which is responsible for the digital collection platform NBA Top Shot, has begun to raise more funds. Dapper Labs is now valued at more than $ 7.5 billion.

Citing a person with direct knowledge of the talks, the news said the new round is being led by Coatue Management, which is led by billionaire investor Philippe Laffont, who led the previous round. Accordingly, Andreessen Horowitz, one of Coinbase's promoters, also became a supporter of Dapper.

Built on Flow blockchain by Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot allows users to purchase multimedia content in the form of NFT that immortalizes special moments in NBA encounters. NFTS sold in limited numbers and packages can be bought and sold in secondary markets.

In recent months, an NFT owned by famous basketball player LeBron James has been sold for more than $ 200k, while another NFT owned by Zion Williamson has been sold for almost the same price. The Arts and sports NFTS on Blokzincir have attracted quite a lot of attention from the mainstream in the past year. The NFT market quadrupled last year. According to Crypto Slam data, NBA Top Shot stands out as one of the largest NFT platforms in the NFT market.

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