Blockchain-based VR world aims to take virtual reality to a new level

Blockchain-based VR world aims to take virtual reality to a new level


A blockchain project takes virtual reality to a new level by creating a "3D internet" that users build and own.

A blockchain project is offering the first giant multiplayer online open world featuring photorealistic graphics in a virtual reality world that users have built and owned.

Victoria VR was designed as a universal platform covering games and decentralized applications. As a result, the multiverse, a shared virtual world in which people are free to do whatever they want, from playing games to buying and selling products, emerged. Some adventures can even be experienced to access a large number of rare awards.

Creativity is at the heart of the ecosystem. Players have the freedom to design their own realistic avatars with a highly detailed level of customization. According to Victoria VR, users can access billion-dollar personalization with a single click, and all avatars can reflect an emotion.

NFTS according to your own preferences

Victoria VR also supports non-tradable tokens (NFT) with a difference. The project explained that NFTS on the platform are attractive uses, rather than just rare decorations, and offer highly appreciated advantages, giving players superpowers and other valuable resources. Another difference lies in the fact that NFTS can be changed and combined, or even created from scratch using a virtual reality interface.

In addition, there is a 3D Sunday place for NFTS that allows digital assets to be bought and sold in an unprecedented way. 2D NFTS can be transformed into 3D objects and literally moved to a different dimension to enhance the three-dimensional experience.

The VR gallery also allows artist-spirited members to publish their own artwork. The add-on for internet browsers means that even those who do not yet have a virtual reality title can benefit from it.

Virtual reality revolution

The uses of Victoria VR do not end with this. Users can buy their own VR land and make money by creating whatever they really want, without the rules of physics and space limits. The project's ideas for this limited resource include shops, casinos, schools and exhibition halls.

The founders of Victoria VR believe the technology could also be an invaluable educational resource. One example of this is the DeFi project, which creates a visually rich, user-friendly and easy-to-understand space where people can get information about what they offer.

The amount of VR land available to users is extremely limited, and sales are carried out through auction. VR tokens are at the heart of this versatile ecosystem.

3D internet

The portal system, according to Victoria VR, means the ecosystem can connect to all VR projects, games and worlds, creating an unprecedented 3D internet. This platform is also controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization, that is, a completely passionate community.

"The gaming industry is booming, with business, communication, education and processes moving online, “he said. The next logical stop is virtual reality and 3D internet. Interest in VR is also growing due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, social isolation and shutdown measures. There is no doubt that virtual reality will change everything in all areas and sectors.”

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