Professional Call Of Duty League player to launch E-sports NFT

Professional Call Of Duty League player to launch E-sports NFT


Diamondcon is one of the world's fastest-rising Call of Duty League players and part of the Subliners esports team . He is the first professional esports player to introduce an NFT to the ever-growing FPS gaming community.

Having built up a considerable following base on Twitch and Twitter, their followers will soon be able to purchase a Diamondcon NFT and claim the bragging rights for these 200 IQ game clips.

Ownership with the NFT

Players spend a lot of money on game passes and in-game purchases, but they don't have any. The NFTS will be a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. Money spent on games will no longer be a bad investment. A year ago no one knew about the NFTS, and now this is the new craze. Remember when they said streaming would never be a career? Look where the sector is now.

Diamondcon NFT will be the first in the COD universe, and owning it will be an investment not to be missed. Imagine how much an NFT of your favorite COD player will be worth in a few years.

For anyone worried about this release, the DiamondCon NFT is ready to drop in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled on Diamondcon's Twitter to get this hot NFT before it goes on sale !

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