Kevin Smith's latest film becomes the NFT

Kevin Smith's latest film becomes the NFT


Filmmaker and director Kevin Smith will release his latest film, "Killroy Was Here,"as the unique token (NFT). Kevin Smith will auction off his work at Jay and Silent Bob's Crypto Studio, a standalone crypto gallery with its own dedicated Web address. The buyer will have the rights to display, distribute and publish the work.

"As an independent artist, I'm always looking for a new platform to tell a story," Smith said in an interview with Deadline, adding that if that worked, he would suddenly have a new stage where he and better artists could tell their stories.

Smith collaborated with media and technology company Semkhor to produce and distribute the NFTS. Unlike most well-known NFT markets (Niftygateway, Rarible, OpenSea),Jay and Silent Bob's Crypto Studio are their own, curated by Smith and his team .there will be a boutique crypto gallery with crypto address. "In 1994, we took clerks to Sundance [Festival] and sold them out. Selling Killroy as an NFT is very similar: the person who buys it can traditionally choose to make money from it, or simply own a movie that no one has seen except themselves."said Smith, who used the expressions below:

"This allows us to draw attention to the artists we love and introduce the community to their own style through our characters. We provide Jay and Slient Bob, you offer the art, our partner semkhor narrows the NFT and we divide the profits. I've been making money from Jay and Silent Bob for years, so it's nice to provide a licensed place where others can do the same. "

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