Rebuilding The Blockchain-Based Gaming Industry With NFTS: MultiPlay

Rebuilding The Blockchain-Based Gaming Industry With NFTS: MultiPlay


Blockchain technology has recently become the basis of many industries, and the gaming industry is certainly one of them. The blockchain-based gaming industry has brought revolutionary innovation to the entire gaming world and delivered real-world value to them. Currently, 1 out of every 4 people are in the gaming industry, and the benefits of blockchain technology can further increase this.

Blockchain technology itself has also achieved incredible development along with many innovations such as the non-Fungible Token (NFT). Especially recently, the demand for NFTS has increased interest in many cryptocurrency projects as well as in them. Although NFTS were first launched in 2018, their golden age is known to be 2021. Many mainstream celebrities are now using NFTS for different products and their sale.

Multiplays is also a blockchain gaming platform based directly on creativity and technology. Multiplays, which allow those who play games Online to exceed their potential with advanced technology, may also have increased the enjoyment of games. People have moved from board games at first to visual games, and now with the advancement of technology, even digital games can be surpassed. People now want to spend all their days with their families instead of playing traditional games. The reason for this can also be expressed as the lack of a material or different return on the games.

Multiplays, on the other hand, combines the blockchain-based gaming industry with NFTS and allows players to earn revenue by playing games directly. Users can pay for this by playing games at any time. In a statement made by the project founder, the following were mentioned::

“During the Coronavirus outbreak that occurred last year, many activities could not be held, and citizens of many countries from all over the world remained closed to their homes. Hunger and poverty also increased due to this quarantine. And people's boredom has peaked. Even the sports industry has been affected by this epidemic somewhere. And my team came together and came up with a revolutionary idea. The idea, which could be an alternative to the sports industry but would not only take people's distress, but also offer a revenue model, is known as Multiplays.”

The Multiplays platform is already ahead of its competitors in the gaming industry. The Multiplays platform, which also makes it possible to play peer-to-peer games with the multiplayer function, allows you to do this even though players are not physically close to each other. In addition, global tournaments can be held on the Multiplays platform, and these games are played and controlled in accordance with global regulations.

How does Multiplays reward its users with NFT?

Multiplays focuses directly on NFTS to provide users with a revenue model. Most of the NFT market now moves through digital trading markets, and users can buy and sell artwork later. Users who value these assets actually technically guarantee their resale. A user who buys an NFT earns income by selling it to someone else later. Professional players can also sell personal items that they get in the game in this way and get money through the game.

Blockchain technology also allows users to have unalterable data about the NFTS they sell. Users also benefit from blockchain technology for data and secure transactions. The in-Game buying market, which has reached $ 50 billion, is actually proving that people are interested in this sector. People pay serious fees to buy items in the game, and it can be assumed that there will always be a demand for them.

The Multiplays Token, or MTP for short, will also serve as the base currency of this network. Users will even be able to use MTP to cash in their rewards or enter the market. Just like the NFT market, ecosystem-building developers will pave the way for players to get MTP, even for participation. The Multiplays team will ensure the security of all MTPs released. In addition, Team-specific tokens will be locked and investors will not be sold on them. These tokens will be locked down for long-term project goals. Users who contribute to the private sale with a minimum of 5 BNB or those who participate in the public sale will be able to receive their MTP NFT.

Investors and users who own these MTP NFTS will be able to profit from the platform. By keeping the NFTS in their hands, users will be able to have a 50% share of the transaction fees on the network. For example, let's assume that 1000 users play 15 different games per hour. If an average $ 5 entry transaction fee is paid for this, Multiplays can pay these users up to $ 20 million annually.

These 3 Steps Can Be Followed To Earn Money From The Platform

• Buy Multiplays (MTP) coins.

• Create a new account by connecting your wallet to the platform.

• Keep fighting until you get to the top.

MTP Token economics: governance and Staking

One of the most important elements to consider in a cryptocurrency project is the token model. In the Token model, especially projects with too much share to the founders can be risky. The total amount of MTP tokens in circulation was determined to be 20 million. Of the 20 million MTP tokens, 2 million were allocated to the team, while the other 2 million were allocated to the expenses of the marketing unit. 15% of the tokens are reserved with a liquidity pool, while 20% will be used for a staking pool. The remaining 45% of tokens will be pre-sold to investors.

The initial market value of the MTP tokens was set at $ 420,000. In addition, the initial amount of liquidity on Pancake can be $ 300,000. Multiplays will receive 10% of the transaction fees paid by anyone who wants to log in to the network in question. 40% of the total of these 10% fees will be automatically transferred to users who choose to stake on the network. After this automatic transfer, secured by smart contract, the remaining 10% will be burned. This means that 50% tokens will remain. 50% of the transaction fees will be used for NFT owners.

The Multiplays staking platform offers a 100% annual return for those who prefer the staking option. This, in turn, gives MTP token stackers a passive return. Even users who do not play games can earn income through this. MTP token holders sie will also be able to vote on decisions on the network.

For each entry fee paid by MTP users to the network, 50% of the fees will be automatically distributed in the form of an NFT award. Joining a thousand users to the network over a $ 10 fee each hour could create $ 4 million in funding that will be given to NFT investors.

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