NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs raises $ 2.6 billion from NFT sector

NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs raises $ 2.6 billion from NFT sector


Dapper Labs raised $ 2.6 billion from its NFT service.

NBA Top Shot fever isn't going out. About five months before the open beta service, blockchain-based platform NBA Top Shot has sold more than three million transactions and $ 460 million. Interest from NFT collectors is growing like an avalanche as NBA Top Shot events continue.

What does the NBA Top Shot offer?

The NBA Top Shot platform, in partnership with Dapper Labs, offers NFT services to digital collectors. A number of packages featuring special moments of NBA players are being put up for sale on the platform. The three special moments that come out of these packages are added to users ' accounts. Then users can offer these special moments for sale at the market price. Packages find buyers at prices between $ 9 and $ 230, according to the rarity of special moments it contains. NBA Top Shot sales have reached quite high numbers. The official site recorded a total of $ 200 million in secondary sales in the last 30 days.

The NFT market has almost quadrupled in growth by 2020. According to a report, the value of the NFT market has exceeded $ 250 million. The NFTs are getting a lot of attention in the music, sports and entertainment industry. But the leader of this market is undoubtedly the NBA Top Shot. As of now, the NBA Top Shot official site has over 800,000 user registrations. 338,000 of these users have at least one private host in their account.

Dapper Labs Roadmap

Rohan Gharegozlou founded Dapper Labs in 2018. He also worked in partnership with the company CryptoKitties. After a while, the Ethereum-based platform created its own blockchain, flow. NBA Top Shot was released last October. Gharegozlou said of Dapper Labs ' recent growth studies. Accordingly, the NBA Top Shot user base can expand even further.

But along with this, a number of complaints began to be heard in the NBA Top Shot special. If we talk about some of them, problems such as waiting long queues for users to access NFT packages, slowness in cashing out transactions, and in some cases, the official site does not receive new records are expressed quite often. But Gharegozlou made assessments of these problems. Gharegozlou said that the procedures took a long time because they worked quite rigorously. He also stressed that such problems can sometimes occur due to the density on the site. Finally, Gharegozlou noted that they are working to bring new features to the NBA Top Shot interface.

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